Role of YEOs

YEO (Youth Exchange Officer) play an important role in Short Term Inter State exchange, STIS. In this program, the YEO has to deal with young persons in the age group of 15 years to 19 years. This is a teen age in which a Senior office has to act with some extra care.

Some of the responsibilities are as under –

  1. Select & arrange the training for the YE team members before any student arrives in his state.

The training includes RI guidelines on RYE, Safety measures, strict adherence to sexual abuse policy, and Health insurance of the incoming student. 

  1. To appoint a “Youth Protection Officer” with clear cut duties & training as per RI norms of certification.
  2. To allot one Counselor for each student.
  3. To form a team of Inbound activities which include Action Plan for short term program, & to monitor the progress. The student is expected to learn some new skills in this program.
  4. To select a suitable host family, certified by Inbound Officer. 
  5. To invite the student in the Rotary Meeting & some service project too
  6. To select the outbound student. 
  7. To arrange training to outbound student & his / her parents to explain the purpose and train them as per RI guidelines.
  8.  To check the family background of outbound student in view of hosting a child.
  9.  To maintain a transparency about the expenses you are going to charge them.
  10.  To arrange few activities of all students. This will build friendship amongst all students.
  11.  To encourage the inbound student to learn the local language & customs followed by the host families.
  12. To promote the concept of long term “Rotary International Youth Exchange” program for the wider scope with international exposure. 
  13. Resolve any kind of issues faced by the inbound students as & when needed.
  14. The YEOs are responsible from the day one arrival to last day of exchange. It means from welcome to send off the inbound student must feel comfortable.