Apply for VRYE (students)

How to apply ?


  • Sample videos of yourself and family.   VIDEO1   VIDEO2   VIDEO3   VIDEO4   ( on pc right click and open in separate tab) 
  • Please click for important points while making video/ ppt about your introduction 

           Just follow  Steps as below :- Submission of  Main Application form.

  1. You must know your sponsoring rotary district number ( Get information from any rotary member ) and rotary club name before you apply. Use any rotary contact  to get your sponsoring rotary club name.
  2. Better to go through the blank application form. Note down list of all required photos/video links  and documents to upload , keep all ready on desktop.
  3. The Virtual being exchange program, it is mandatory to host inbound ( incoming)  students, or will have to provide an alternative host family.
  4. You can not edit the form after you submit it, so fill up all district/club information, personal and parentโ€™s information, photos, video links, signatures etc. carefully.
  5. You will get auto email confirmation after you submit the form.
  6. The district Outbound chair and sponsoring club president will also get auto emails . They will verify the application form and give the approval.
  7. Only after the approval email from the club president and online approval by the outbound chair ; your name will be displayed on the website Dashboard. This means your application is ready for exchange. Then you will have to pay the application fees immediately and inform the outbound chair.
  8. Wait for country selection up to last week of  June 2021. Till then do not make follow-up.

C)  Non refundable processing application charges of Rs. 2,000/- to be paid online only.
Account name and details Get it from RYE officer of your district

Contact for help to fill main application form                Get information from promotion flier.

Contact after submission of application form      Get information from promotion flier.

Please click here <-> to get main application form of VRYE