About Virtual Exchange Program

( students ONLY from territory of RYE certified districts can participate in this program )

To see list of certified districts click here 👈

               Rotary Youth Exchange is open to young people ages 15-18 year( for Rotarian and Non-Rotarians) worldwide. There are two      basic types of exchanges: short-term and long-term. ( now next year, and from August 2021 only Virtual youth Exchange )

Virtual Rotary Youth Exchange ( V RYE) 

  • Virtual Exchange- VRYE. This Online interaction with allotted family, rotary club, district, online courses for language learning and many other things of mutual interest.
  • Rotary will provide guidance, training, counseling for students and parents.
  • Exchange may Lead to possible physical short term/long term exchange next year.  (reapply is must)
  • Exchange period – 3months starting from august  2021
  • Fees with application is only 2000 Rs.non refundable.
  • Selection on choice as well as first come first served.

Benefits –

  • An opportunity to learn a new culture, a new language and develop an everlasting bond with foreign families.
  • In the program, a student can get many opportunities to present himself, family, city, country and become mature, expand his/her vision about his/her future career, and become more confident .
  • Personality development
  • International exposure for student
  • Click to get more details and considerations of this virtual RYE program.